Creating excellence in imagery...

Whether working with a product to highlight the fine details, positioning my subject and lights for a portrait session or capturing a dramatic landscape on a long, dusty road, I use all the tools at my disposal to create photo and video content of the highest possible quality.

So what does this mean? It means that when I take focus on my subject and release the shutter, the resulting image will be fantastically captured. By paying meticulous attention to the composition, lighting, pose, expression and all elements within the frame and accurately apply the best camera settings, I am able to achieve this level of excellence with great consistency.

My approach is that I am making an image, not just taking a photo. I am not a run-and-gun shooter. I like to spend time to study my subjects unique features or wait for that right moment where the light is perfect. In controlled environments, I sculpt light and tailor the set to create the desired impact and ambiance. 

I am available to hire for commercial/product/advertising photography, portrait photography (all genres), model portfolio building, actor reels and monologues, travel and landscape photography, full movie production, director of photography needs and any project that can benefit from my creative abilities. I have a full arsenal of professional gear that is selected and utilized to the needs of every project.